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VigRX Plus review and where to buy VigRX Plus in the UK. Also included are a look at the ingredients, current price and shipping details.

Does Vigrx Plus work and what kind of results can I expect? These are two common questions men ask who are keen to buy this product but who are not so sure that they will be making the right choice. To answer these questions you must know what you really mean by "work". That is to say, what do you expect VigRx Plus to work on?

Generally speaking, men tend to expect the following:

1. Improve the hardness of an erection
2. Make their erections last longer
3. Improve their libido or sex drive
4. Increase the size of their penis in an erect state
5. increase the size in a flaccid state

Does Vigrx Plus work as far as the above expectations are concerned?

Improve the hardness/sustainability of an erection

VigRx Plus definitely works when it comes to strengthening a weak erection. This is due to its aphrodisiac ingredients which are all herbal in nature. The top grade herbals used in the supplement is key to increasing hardness.

Some of the ingredients improve blood circulation while others raise the production of testosterone in your body. Together the ingredients can cause more blood to be packed into the penis during an erection thus giving you a harder, fuller erection.

Ingredients like Damiana can increase sexual stamina, improve erectile function and enhance orgasms. In addition, since blood flows more easily into the penis, your erection can last longer and you can avoid the potential embarrassment of a sudden softening during sex.

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Improve libido or sex drive

The ingredients found in VigRx Plus are aphrodisiacs long used in the East to treat male sexual problems. These treatments include improving a low sex drive. For example Muira Pauma, an ingredient in the supplement, is used to restore sexual virility and to increase sexual desire and potency in men.

Increase erect penis size

VigRx Plus can increase the erect size of your penis. This means that it will appear bigger during an erection. This is because more blood gets packed into the chambers, thus engorging it and forcing it to expand and become bigger and fuller.

Increase flaccid penis size

The flaccid size refers to the size of the penis while in an unaroused, normal state. This seems to be what some men are looking for, a permanent size increase. The bad news is that VigRx Plus, or indeed any other supplement, can not give you a permanently bigger, flaccid size without adding some enlargement exercises.

VigRx Plus contains powerful ingredients that can give you a bigger erection but the penis will return to its normal size after sex. That does not mean that they are useless when it comes to enlargement. Quite on the contrary, if you use the supplement in conjunction with penile enlargement exercises you achieve size gains because it improves blood flow.


It is clear that VigRx Plus does work when it matters, giving you harder erections when you need them, increasing your sex drive and making your erections more sustainable. The results you get from VigRx Plus can definately improve your sexual experience.

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